A Teachable Racial Moment: On Fingers Pointed in Black Faces


A great perspective on why this whole ‘finger pointing/shaking’ thing pisses off black folks and should piss off everyone. Read this…

Phillis Remastered

Usually, my blog posts deal with African American community or political issues, and I talk as one cultural insider to another cultural insider.

However, I’ve realized that sometimes, well-meaning, really nice White people (of which there are many, by the way) want Black folks to talk to them in non-angry, non-confrontational, and patient ways about Black cultural issues they don’t understand.

So I wondered if it might be useful for me to write blog posts that break racial things down for good White folks who mean no harm—and who either have Black friends or are in the midst of acquiring friendships with Black people– and are just trying to navigate these racial waters that ironically (and to me, bewilderingly) have become far more treacherous since the election of our first Black president.

Sidebar: I use “race” as a shorthand because that word usually means “Black” or “People of Color” to…

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About Nola_Diva

Black woman, mother, sister and friend who is trying to maintain a sense of peace in this crazy world. Born and raised in New Orleans with the Crescent City cultural imprint forever etched in my dna and soul. I got so much to say, ya'll!!! Maybe we can share experiences on this journey and all become more blessed and less stressed.

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