On Trayvon. On the state of race in America


On Trayvon…

The death of Trayvon Martin was no surprise. When I heard about the death. I was not shocked. Saddened.
Not shocked. I can’t say I was even angry. Because I’m black, this is just part of our journey.
Racism is still here. I don’t know of anyone in America that knows this more than black males. Racism is just a part of life…for us.  It was and is just part of the journey. No big deal.
Then you see something like this happen. And you kinda step back and think about how racism rolls off your back. Like water in a thunderstorm. And it’s only when something like this happens that you get soaked. Although you’ve been walking in the storm your whole life.
But I’m writing this not to talk about the case. Or really racism. It’s more about America. The place that subconsciously supports the belittlement of people that are different. And in this case brown, non-white.
You know, first off, white isn’t a race. It’s more like a nickname. It’s more like saying…I’m not black or brown or yellow. When you are brown and you go to overseas…people call you American, not black. Only here am I always black.
And we have this word in America that screams of segregation. Minority. I’m not a minority. Why am I a minority? Inside America I am not a minority. I think if you are born in America, you’re American. No matter the hue of your skin, right? People that look like me are the foundation of America’s moral, cultural and economic brilliance. Now, people of ALL colors and backgrounds are responsible for America being America. But the foundation…that’s from people that look like me. Now, I’m not saying black people because…well…that would be me giving into the word..minority. And well, I’m not a minority. If I was you…I wouldn’t let someone call you a minority in your own country either.
And these symbols we have around the country. These symbols of ‘noble’ men..we have these symbols allowing one to say that racism is basically…a part of life. Okay. The biggest monument where i live is the Lincoln Memorial. Abraham Lincoln was a racist. Sorry to shatter some history books. He did not like people of color…he wanted to ship them away from America because ‘they were inferior.’ Do you know how black men got to fight in the civil war? Because they kept showing up at camps wanting to fight…and old Honest Abe sent them home. They just showed up the next day….wanting to fight. And he sent them home again. And again. And they just kept showing up until they got to fight. Abe freed the slaves?
Can you free a human being? And actually he didn’t want to do anything…he was forced to do the little that he did. But we honor him with marble…and Thomas Jefferson, slave owner. You know…they tore down the statue of Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Remember? And I’m not saying Hussein was a good dude or shouldn’t have been overtaken. But one fact I know: They tore down Hussein’s statue…and Hussein never owned one human being. Just saying.
And you know…I’m a Malcolm X chick. It’s funny that Thomas Jefferson, Abe Lincoln, all these generals have these beautiful monuments. And history shows, although important to history, they were all racist. And I know times were different, but does that make it right, or does that make it right that we leave that out when discussing them? Cause I’m a Malcolm X chick. I think his monument should be on the national mall. Down the way from MLKs. And let me tell you exactly why…. I don’t want to go into too many specifics of what Malcolm X did for black people… …but in general terms, Malcolm X stood up for black people and said..i am brilliant too. If you hit me, I will hit you back. Why? Because we are equal. We are the same. Instead of peace marches and non-violence, Malcolm (before his death) was ready to go to the United Nations and bring human rights crimes against the United States. To him it was a global problem…even when the world turned its back. Do you realize America was condemning apartheid in South Africa and not doing anything about racism at home?  SMH… Malcolm was about to basically sue the U.S. for racism. In international court! How brilliant is that… …but this is not why we should have a statue of him to me. See…MLK, he was “perfect” in the public eye. A saint, an alien of moral character, an angel. And Thomas Jefferson and the generals and Abe and all these men that ran the country but were racists but got marble statues… None of those people changed! MLK was always perfect. Honest Abe’s story will always lie and say he freed the black man. Thomas Jefferson raped slave women. These men did not change. Angel or racist pig…they did not change. Malcolm changed. He went from calling white people devils to saying ‘i was wrong..my brothers are white, black, yellow and red.’ As significant figures go…he was the only one that seems real…that evolved…that changed his view on race. But we don’t honor that… We’d rather throw up a statue of a dude that signed some papers but would never sit next to someone darker than him. That makes sense.
The death of Trayvon Martin was no surprise. When I heard about the death. I was not shocked. Saddened. But I’m also saddened at how we kinda ignore the environment we live in that allows this thought process. That people are beneath each other. The teaching of half truths to our kids. The glorification of slave owners. Calling people minorities because of what they look like…. Calling the president Muslim as if being Muslim is a problem. All these “small, insignificant things we ignore.” About as insignificant as a bag of Skittles…. ….all these small things that help feed the elephant in the room. That helps build ignorance. That helps racism fester. That helped kill Trayvon.

About Nola_Diva

Black woman, mother, sister and friend who is trying to maintain a sense of peace in this crazy world. Born and raised in New Orleans with the Crescent City cultural imprint forever etched in my dna and soul. I got so much to say, ya'll!!! Maybe we can share experiences on this journey and all become more blessed and less stressed.

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